Standby Generators Protects You From Power Outages


The 11 extreme weather events during 2012, with damages per event estimated at more than $1 Billion, have only been exceeded by the 14 similar $1 Billion or more disasters that occurred during 2011. These two years represent previously unimagined weather changes that made a significant impact on lives, homes, places of business, and economy.

During 2011 and 2012, 67 percent of all US counties and 43 states were affected by these extreme weather events. There were 1,107 fatalities and up to $188 Billion in damages. The US saw 356 all-time high temperatures and recorded more than 34,008 daily high temperature records with ties or establishment of new highs during 2012. This, compared to the 6,664 daily record lows established during the same time frame, represents a ratio of more than 5 to 1. During 2012, 19 states recorded their warmest year on record.

It’s reasonable to assume we’ll continue to see extreme weather events for the foreseeable future given these facts. We’re living in a dynamically changing climate environment.

Peter Hoppe of Munich Re (the largest re-insurer in the world) told USA Today on October 12, 2012, that the North American Continent saw the largest increase in extreme weather related disasters. The insurance industry is already working diligently to factor extreme weather events into their risk management policies. One insurer has indicated that 40% of their payouts where due to weather-related disasters. If the insurance industry is thinking about and striving to manage their exposure to extreme weather events, shouldn’t home and business owners as well?

Permanent standby generators provide cost-effective protection against extreme weather

A permanently installed Standby Generator for your home or business provides a cost-effective approach to insuring you can up and running during extreme weather events and related power outages. Operating on a variety of fossil fuels (natural gas, propane, diesel), these devices can provide you with sufficient power to insure your food doesn’t perish, your lights and communications capabilities stay on, and your home or building can maintain the operation of its heating and cooling systems.

We can debate all we want about whether climate change is happening, while the global insurance industry is already factoring the costs of extreme weather events into policies offered to their clients. If that industry is taking action, it would seem reasonable that we, as home and business owners, should be thinking along the same line. We can’t control the weather, but we can control respond and prepare for it with layers of protection such as installation of standby generators.

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