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Energy Audits in Syracuse

An increasingly popular and important service we provide here at TAG Mechanical are Syracuse Energy Audits. This is an inspection and analysis of a residential or commercial building that helps to determine how energy is being used, as well as wasted. This is an ideal way to find areas that have room for improvement and then discover ways in which to improve. This is essential for reducing monthly utility bills but also for reducing carbon footprints.

At TAG Mechanical we conduct a thorough audit looking for all of the ways in which changes could be made for improvement. For example, it could be that you have a large number of drafty windows which means sealing areas or replacing windows could make a big difference. Some of these may be done immediately, especially if they are problems that also pose a safety threat, and others can be taken of at a later date. This usually includes suggestions for updating and upgrading to greener and more efficient options for appliances. The key is to work with a Syracuse Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor who has the training, experience and concern level necessary to take on the job.

Professional Energy Auditing

As laws and regulations change, these types of services will become required. In fact, currently in New York City, buildings of certain sizes are required to have an energy audit done at least once every 10 years. This also means the guidelines are getting stricter about who can conduct these audits. It makes sense to only work with a company that already knows how to take care of this service so that you can be sure it was done right. There are also different types of Energy Auditing such as:

  • analyzing a building and utility data including study of installed equipment - this includes analyzing energy bills
  • a survey of real operating conditions
  • understanding of the building including interactions with operating schedules, weather and more
  • an estimate of energy saving potential

Syracuse Energy Audits

The bottom line is that this is an important service but one that should only be taken care of by someone trained and experienced in the field. At TAG Mechanical we do this in part because we care about being part of the change. So it is an honor to us to help others make changes in their home, businesses and lives that will benefit their utility costs and the planet as a whole.

Contact us now so we can get started with your Syracuse energy audit. This can literally be the change of how you live or run your home and business.

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