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Around 27 years ago, TAG Mechanical Systems, Inc. was founded and incorporated. The Clay and surrounding areas have since been serviced with professional heating, air conditioning, and electrical repairs, installations, and replacements, and wide range of plumbing and other services.

If you live in the Clay, NY area, we can take care of many of your repair needs whether you need heating repairs or replacement, or just a tune-up. Our company consists of licensed, bonded, and fully insured New York contractors who are professionals that have provided services such as these and more to New York for over decades. When you're looking for quality services at affordable prices, you'll want to remember the name TAG Mechanical Systems Inc.

Furnace Installations, Replacements and Heating Repairs in Clay

TAG Mechanical is a full service company that not only repairs furnaces and air systems but handles all sorts of home repairs. On our list of expertise is the repair, installation, or replacement of your heating systems. Whether you are a Clay, NY home owner or business owner, we service your heating equipment with professional expertise.

Inspections, Electrical Repair & Panel Replacement in Clay

The electrical panel in your Clay home is where all of your electrical connections juncture with the electrical service provided by the electric company. This is where your breakers are located and where all the power in your home comes from. Old panels can't handle the power load of modern needs, which is why building safety code requires them to be upgraded every so often.

If your home is older, your panel may need to be upgraded, and if it does you are at risk for serious problems that can burn your home to the ground due to electrical fires. Modern panels are equipped with better capacity and technology than they were years ago because homes today require more power, so be sure you're getting your system inspected and upgraded as soon as possible.

With all the new technology families purchase and plug in today, many things like laptops, phone chargers, printers, home theater systems and the like are all used simultaneously. In older homes, this can overload the electrical system, causing serious problems like shock and fire.

It’s important that the wiring and panel are sufficient to provide the needs of everyone in your Clay, NY household. This is why we offer inspection services at such affordable rates. At TAG Mechanical, we make it our number one concern to ensure that the electrical systems in your home meets your needs so that you stay safe and comfortable with the power you require every day. Call us today for your inspection.

Clay, NY

If you're looking for professional heating and air conditioning or electrical contractors in Clay, please call 315-463-4455 or complete our online estimate form.